Construction Professionals as leaders, working with government, businesses and the society to manage the challenges of covid-19

Posted by Claire Chizea on July 13, 2020

Paper presented on 16/6/2020 at a CED webinar,  The fear of death, based on covid-19 impact on human biology resulting in the destruction of capacity and lifestyle, has been successfully exploited by governments, with its sustained media coverage. Society needs to rebuild  and rebuild it must, else it will die a slower death. To rebuild, […]

Just Compensation in Compulsory Acquisition of Land: the Nigerian experience viewed from the prism of FAO Guidelines

Posted by Claire Chizea on June 29, 2020

Overview of the governing lawCompulsory Acquisition is a legal process, that empowers governments take over of private property or land for public use, paying adequate compensation for same. In Nigeria, the 1978 Land Use Act as embedded in the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is the operating instrument that guides this process. […]

A Valuers professional Building Insurance Valuation: Panacea for Underinsurance

Posted by Claire Chizea on May 21, 2020

Insurance is Mandatory The Nigerian Insurance Act of 2003, mandates a compulsory insurance cover for vast asset holdings and for all buildings. However, evidence available from our records as a surveying valuation firm, indicates otherwise. Available data shows a very low compliance level, as a negligible number of buildings are insured or adequately covered, by […]

Challenges in the Transaction of Family-inherited Real Estate

Posted by Claire Chizea on May 4, 2020

Authority to transact. As a rule and in practice, Real Estate must have a legal person or entity upon which title and tenure is vested. Such an entity thereby has the legal authority to transact on the property. As Inheritance is not the direct achievement of the beneficiary, these transactions tend to be rich on […]

Need for land valuation information in Nigeria’s Disaster Management Process

Posted by Claire Chizea on April 27, 2020

Managing Disaster . Disaster is defined as: “A sudden accident or natural catastrophe that causes a great damage or loss of life”. Humanity has existed with disaster and has therefore devised coping and mitigating strategies for dealing with its impact, from wars, earthquakes, volcanoes and floods. It can be argued that the Biblical Noah’s Ark […]

COVID-19 and the Property Sector

Posted by Claire Chizea on April 15, 2020

Disasters and pandemics are exceptionally impactful on the real estate sector and on most non-life-maintaining sectors of the economy. As per Maslows scale of needs, the food and telecommunications industries – basic for human survival – at such times receive all focus and are most positively impacted. This is expected, seeing that life is necessary […]

Why You should Pay the Valuation Fee

Posted by Claire Chizea on January 17, 2020

There’s been accusations and allegations, about valuers and financial institutions in particular, fiddling with the amounts as fees for the provision of Valuation services. This state of affairs creates dissonance in the polity and red ocean competition amongst colleagues. A situation that bodes no good for the real estate market. In this post, we take […]

How Just is Nigeria’s Compulsory Acquisition Policy

Posted by Claire Chizea on June 28, 2019

Compulsory acquisition was the subject of my University Term Paper in 1975, long before I knew I would be involved in the process as a Real Estate Practitioner. I have had a continuous hands on experience in the last 12 years, for federal, state and local governments as well as private organizations in the acquisition […]

Managing Workmen

Posted by Claire Chizea on October 14, 2016

Picture this scenario You just moved into your new home or office/shop, or you have been enjoying your space but need to upgrade, the old WCs, bathtubs/showers, doors, windows, power points, fittings and fixtures, or even tiles. You find you not only require the services of plumbers and electricians – the two most used tradesmen […]

Discussing Property Issues on the Udy Factor

Posted by Claire Chizea on September 16, 2016

Udy’s television programme provides practical information on a wide range of issues to help her viewers make informed choices. I was invited to talk about property issues, and was asked some really good questions. What are the qualities of a good Real Estate agent? How can we avoid fake agents? What should the relationship between […]