How to Secure your Home for Free

The incidents of loss of valuables (and sometimes lives) of home owners especially single ladies and the elderly living alone has resulted in the boost in the sale of security gadgets. As much as we welcome these technological advancements, we believe that the best cure for any ill is to tackle it from the source. The recent incidents of hacking into private security cameras and streaming same on the Internet prove that gadgets are not completely foolproof. While tech gadgets can tell you whodunnit they will not tell you who initiated it. With this in mind that we have decided to put up this little post.

We are not security experts but with years of experience in property management, we have learned a bit about securing homes and in this post, we point readers to simple methods of securing their homes with very little finance if any.

We are not selling any gadgets; we are simply recommending a little shift in lifestyle. The security risk to a home is dependent on the level of exposure to outsider influence. By outsider influence we mean those personnel that are not stake holders in the ‘wellbeing’ of the home. They include the security gate man, househelp, maintenance people, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, etc. These people are not members of the household, but have access to the family ‘wet’ areas in the line of performing their services. One very simple and effective mode of securing the home is by the reduction/ elimination in the number of such personnel with access to the homes. For security/gatemen, the installation of automatic gates will eliminate the need for this category of staff with their visiting friends and customers for those who set up shops. They usually know when a home is unoccupied.

Housekeepers if employed on daily basis and or are resident, should be granted access to clean the rooms and bathrooms on the weekends or while the masters are in the house. Tradesmen/ Maintenance personnel should have access only on weekends when the home owners are in the house. Business deals should be discussed carefully when being chauffeur driven.

These points few and as simple and ordinary as they seem, are guaranteed to save you money, and loss of valuable items with its attendant trauma. Evidence has shown that most robbery and domestic breaches are insider promoted. Reduce access and reduce the risk. Happy Living.

Claire Chizea PP


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